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Mobile show

Whistler BC

Gone are the days of endless trips to various showrooms across the city. With our Mobile Showroom, we bring the entire showroom experience directly to your doorstep. Packed with a comprehensive selection of high-quality samples for our products, from countertops to tiles, fixtures to finishes, our Mobile Showroom allows you to explore, touch, and envision your dream space.

Worry free...

Packed with high-quality samples, our team's extensive experience ensures we understand the quality and ease of installation of every product we offer

Unique approach

Innovative concept

A showroom on wheels, bringing the showroom experience directly to clients' doorsteps.


 Saves time and effort for clients by eliminating the need to travel to multiple stores and showrooms

Personalized experience

Allows clients to see and touch curated product selections in their own homes.

Items we carry 

  • tiles

  • custom cabinetry

  • countertops

  • kitchen faucets

  • bathroom faucets

  • kitchen sinks

  • bathroom sinks

  • bathtubs

  • Shower pans

  • Toilets

  • Towel warmers

  • Light fixtures

  • Vinyl flooring

  • Mirrors

  • Pulls and handles

  • Bathroom accessories

  • Kitchen accesorries

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